Welcome to the Community Tales home page.

Community tales is a video promotional service that aims to work with community-focused small businesses, individuals, charities and organisations. More specifically, to present them to a wider audience by using online digital video.



This isn’t a simple advertising service, at Community Tales we feel that the national and local news doesn’t do a very good job at representing our local communities and all the hard work people put into those communities. We want to deliver their work to you, so instead of just seeing the bad news like crime and scandal, you can see all the great hard work, innovation and neighbourliness that people in your community do and that you can get involved in!

As Goldsmith’s students, the borough of Lewisham has become our home and it was clear that it should be the first community to focus on, as part of our final project we have collaborated with three different but equally important kinds of work within this community. We explore a small business through our collaboration with the Brockley Brewery, a charity organisation by teaming up with CEN8, and Johanne’s Zumba Gold class at the Lewisham Irish Community Centre is the story of an amazing individual doing her part for the community.

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